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Know Once and for All Who's Cheating Who
With the proliferation of sex on the world wide web, it has become easier than ever to cheat and remain anonymous. Some of the cheating websites listed below even offer an affair guarantee. One site in particular boasts of having a new member sign up every 20 seconds. Each of these cheating spouses are leaving footprints on their computers every time they visit one of these sites.

Are you getting popups like this?  It is not by accident.  Someone who is using your computer has been to a site like this.  Call us to find out who.
  25 Cheating Wife Signs You Are Not Aware Of

If you are looking at this list, you might already feel that something is wrong. Is your wife cheating on you? Here's 25 cheating wife signs to find out if she is having an extramarital affair.

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25 Cheating Wife Signs

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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

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  Signs of a Cheater:  
  Sudden increase in time away from home.  
  Decreased sexual interest with you.  
  Cheating husband or wife is often "unavailable" while at work.  
  Cheating spouse attends new functions outside of work and wants to go alone.  
  Cheating spouse leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone.  
  Cheating spouse uses computer alone and secretly.  
  Cheating spouse asks about your schedule more often than usual.  
  Mileage on car is high yet he/she reports only short distance errands.  
  Clothes smell of perfume or cologne.  
  Cheating spouse gets his/her laundry done independently.  
  Unexplained payments on bank statements.  
  Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration. Many cheaters use mobile telephones to communicate with their lovers. Check the call detail on bill for the first number called when your mate first leaves for work and the same number called again right before they return home.  
  Cheating spouse now has a phone card but never used one before.  
  Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse.  
  Cheating spouse has suspicious phone voice-mail messages.  
  Cheating spouse has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed.  
  Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites.  
  Cheating spouse begins to use new or free e-mail account.  
  Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting e-mail messages.  
  Spouse has opened a P.O Box.  

Spouses who get hooked on Internet porn are a growing complaint among spouses filing for divorce, according to a survey of 350 divorce attorneys. "If there's dissatisfaction in the existing relationship, the Internet is an easy way for people to scratch the itch," said lawyer J. Lindsey Short, Jr., president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, which conducted the study.

38% of people have engaged in explicit online sexual conversation and 50% of people have made phone contact with someone they chatted with online.