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Case Studies

We have had many cases over the years, but here are several that stand out to indicate the variety of investigations we can do.

First Case - Our very first case was a male who thought his wife had been cheating with a male friend, but he had no proof.  He contacted us, and after he brought us his computer, we were able to find detailed deleted emails of very sexually explicit conversations between his wife and the now identified suspected male.  This information was used in a divorce case.

Female Spouse 2 Years Later - A female client came to us and asked us to do an investigation on her computer.  She said that she had been separated for two years and that NOW she wants to proceed with divorce but wants proof from the PC of sexually deviant websites that her husband was viewing during their marriage.  Her young children had been using that computer as their own for 2 years.  We were able to find the exact websites that she suspected, and more.

Save it for Later - A married female was suspicious of her husband’s activities on the computers in the house but was not ready to go through with a divorce.  She called on us to gather the evidence to store for her so that when, or if, she ever needs that information, it will be available.  We made forensic images of all computer hard drives, as well as all backup drives and flash drives.

Pornography Case - A woman suspected her husband was using the family computer for inappropriate activities.  We had one of our technicians make a forensic copy of the drive and had it shipped to our forensic lab.  We found more sexually related content on this hard drive than on any other computer forensic investigation to date.

Wrong Client Case - A male client came to us to try to get proof of his wife cheating.  We did not find evidence of that, but we did find evidence that HE was cheating.

Email Games - A local business man had been receiving strang emails, so he came to us to find out where they were coming from. The emails appeared to be from an old girlfriend, and it was making his new girlfriend upset.  These emails were making the old girlfriend look like a psycho.  After we did the investigation, we found that the current girlfriend was actually the one sending the emails, trying to make the old girlfriend look bad.

Doctor - A doctor was involved in a lawsuit from a case that was over five years old.  The computer data from that time was stored on a backup disk.  The disk had become corrupted and could not be read.  We were able to do a forensic on the disk and get the information that helped the doctor with his case.

Startup Business - There was a large company who suspected one of their employees of computer misuse.  After investigation we found that he had been using company information and resources to start his own business and take their customers.

Spy - One customer suspected her ex husband of planting spy applications on her PC.  After a thorough investigation we were able to assure her that there were no such applications installed.

Athlete's Spouse - The spouse of a professional athlete came to us to help with a computer forensic problem.  Her issue was quite different from the normal request.  She had information on her computer that she did not want found if a forensic investigation was performed on the PC.  This is called a reverse forensic or anti-forensics.  We were able to get her PC cleaned in a way that protected her from a future computer forensic investigation