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Computer Forensics
Know Once and for All Who's Cheating Who 

Case Studies

Take a look at some cases that we have done.  Chances are that one of these will be a similar situation to what you are experiencing. 
Click here for computer forensic stories.

Investigation Process
Step 1 - Free Consultation Meet With A Certified Computer Forensic Examiner 
Computer Forensic Consultation The first step in the computer forensic process is to meet with an investigator to discuss your case. You will be advised on the best way to proceed. There is no charge for this consultation. 
Step 2 - Data Acquisition A Forensically Sound Copy of the Data is Made 
Computer Forensic Imaging A bit for bit copy of the hard drive is made using the latest forensic technology with write blocking capability to ensure that no data is altered on the suspect system.  This can be done onsite if necessary. 
Step 3 - Data Analysis Data is Analyzed by Our State of the Art Computer Forensic Machine 
Computer Forensic Analysis An image from the hard drive is placed on the forensic machine, then that image is scanned and processed using a method called data carving. This process puts the entire contents of the hard drive in a human readable format that can be analyzed by a trained forensic investigator.
Step 4 - Reporting Computer Forensic Examiner Reports Findings Back to Customer 
Computer Forensic Reports An initial report is given to the customer after about 33% of the investigation is complete to give the customer an idea of what has been seen so far. This also gives the customer a chance to give more information to the investigator that might help the investigation. At the end of the investigation a final report is prepared and a meeting is scheduled with the investigator to go over the findings.  
Step 5 - Expert Testimony Expert Witness Testimony For Computer Forensics Provided if Necessary
Computer Forensic Expert Witness Testimony If your case goes to trial, expert witness testimony is available to explain the forensic examination.