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Computer Forensics and Private Investigation Services

Know Once and for All Who's Cheating Who 

Computer Forensics Computer Forensics 
If your significant other has been acting suspicious lately then find out what websites have been visited, see who they have been emailing or chatting with.  You will find out for sure what has been happening on the computer.

Computer Forensics Private Investigation 
If you suspect activity that is not computer related or if you want to compliment your computer forensic examination then we can provide private investigation services to help you uncover the truth.

  Cell Phone & PDA Forensics 
We can prepare a full cell phone or PDA forensic report on your mobile device. This will reveal any hidden  information such as deleted information, text messages, phone numbers and call logs.
  Forensic Imaging 
Having a forensically sound copy of the suspect hard drive is a must.  This needs to be done as soon as you suspect wrongdoing to preserve data.  This data can be stored and examined at a later date. We can make a forensic image of most hard drive in a little over an hour on site or at our location. 
  Expert Witness Testimony
We can provide expert witness testimony for your computer forensic case to explain exactly what was found during the investigation. We will expose the truth and provide the entire story for your case.