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Computer Forensics and Private Investigation

Know Once and for All Who's Cheating Who 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if I suspect undesired activity on my computer?

This is VERY important.  DO NOT try to do your own investigating from that same computer.  DO NOT let the suspect know that you are suspicious.  Anything you do on the suspect computer could interfere with the computer forensic investigation.  It needs to be treated like a crime scene.

The first step if you suspect something on the computer is to call a certified computer forensic specialist.  They can discuss your concerns and instruct you on what to do next. 

What should I tell the computer forensic examiner when I call?

Tell the computer forensic examiner what your suspicions are and why you have them.  The examiner will then make a determination as to whether you have an issue that warrants a computer forensic examination or not.  If your case does require a computer forensic then be as honest as you can about your use of the computer.  Most everything that has ever been done on the computer will come into play and the examiner will need to know all details.

Do you offer private investigation services?

Yes we offer a full range of private investigative services to compliment our computer forensic services. 
Can I ship my computer or hard drive to you for analysis?  
Yes but you must call our office first and speak with a certified forensic examiner.  On-site forensic data acquisition is also available in most areas.  Also, we require that a case number be assigned and that number needs to be written on the shipping label.  If shipping a hard drive please place the drive in an antistatic bag and then wrap it in bubble wrap.