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Computer Forensics and Private Investigation

Know Once and for All Who's Cheating Who 
ACE & CCLO Digital Forensic Certified
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Computer Forensic Examinations
Computer Forensics Investigation
Our fully licensed and certified computer forensic specialists can help you find that key piece of  electronic evidence (e-evidence) to help you with your case.  Cheating spouses and employee computer abuse doesn't have to be a secret anymore. Online indiscretions can be revealed through the emerging technology of computer forensics. Evidence can be found in hidden or deleted email, hidden files, web history, images, and especially in the unallocated file space.  Information can be found even on drives that have been unused for years.  70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men did not know of their spouses' extramarital activity. The details are there.  Everything that is done on a computer leaves a trace.  Our investigators are licensed private investigators and certified computer forensic examiners.

Take a look at some cases that our computer forensic detectives have solved.  Chances are that one of these will be a similar situation to what you are experiencing. 

Click here for computer forensic stories.

Mobile Phone Forensics
Mobile Forensic Investigations
More data is left on a cell phone than you might think.  We can uncover deleted text messages, web site history, deleted photos, GPS location information to tell where someone has been and when and much more.  Also, there can be a complete timeline of events that can be recovered.

Forensic investigations can be done on almost any handheld device and the most data can be found on an iPhone or an Android phone.  Click on the highlighted link for more information on an iPhone forensic investigation or on this link for an Andriod forensic investigation.  Passwords can also be recovered or bypassed on most mobile devices.

Private Investigation
You may suspect activity outside of their computer usage and be in need of cheating spouse investigation services.  Our fully licensed private investigators can help you find out what you need to know. We can conduct surveillance, document their activities and provide you with a full detailed report. We offer a full suite of private detective services that fit within any budget, including surveillance, background checks, skip tracing, and phone number lookups.
Who's Cheating Who Sex Decoys
You may be asking, "How can I find out if my boyfriend is cheating?" or "How can I find out if my wife is being unfaithful?"  Well, we can help you find the truth. We even provide sex decoys to setup love stings.  In these cases a male or female decoy will act as bait for the subject and then we provide you with the results. We provide live decoys to bait a cheating spouse as well as virtual decoys to uncover what your spouse is doing online.  If you suspect your mate is cheating and you want to find out just give us a call.

If you suspect that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife is cheating on you, please make sure that you tell us everything you know about the situation. This can have a big impact on the outcome of your infidelity investigation.

You have the suspicion, Let us get the proof!

WhosCheatingWho.com will provide you with information on computer forensics and private investigation for those who are being cheated.  If you are reading our web site then you very likely have some suspicion that your spouse, wife, husband, partner, relative, employee, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating you. 

More often than not, your intuition is right-on and our computer forensics specialists help confirm what you already suspect in a confidential and professional manner,

Some people hire us because they want evidence for a quick divorce or lawsuit. We are able to testify in court if that is what you desire. We make a forensic image of the computer hard drive and/or conduct surveillance on the subject and document their computer activities.

Others just have a need to know.  Some have not decided what they will do if they discover their spouse is cheating but they want to preserve to evidence while it is fresh.  We can make a forensic image of the computer now and you can do an investigation later if you choose to do so.  It is VERY important to do this if you are thinking there might be some evidence on the computer.

Don't second guess your instincts, call us to put your mind at ease.  We are certified in computer forensics and operate by keeping the integrity of the information and following the chain of custody in accordance with state regulations.

It is our business to give you peace of mind, and discover the truth one way or the other.  Contact us today for a confidential consultation with a
computer forensics or private investigation specialist.

Don't be caught unaware. Call one of our computer forensics specialists today for a free confidential consultation 877.445.5362

Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics
Our Ceritfied Mobile Phone Examiners can extract any data off of any iPhone, deleted or not. Text messages, picture messages, voicemail, call logs, emails, photos, videos, internet history, documents, calendars, notes, and more. We also compile a phone usage timeline, detailing when each individual action was performed.


With the proclivity of cheating websites going mainstream and the ever increasing anonymity of those looking for extracurricular activity, the PC has become a hotbed of computer forensic investigation.

Some of these cheating sites even go so far as to GUARANTEE AN AFFAIR.

Websites like Meet2Cheat, Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder and others are given national publicity from top shows like 20/20, Dr Phil, Larry King, The View, Ellen, CNN and even ESPN and Fox News, with each site offering an affair guarantee!  Ashley Madison alone boasts of having a new member join their site looking for an affair every 20 seconds - and that is just ONE website!

Also, with the new obsession with cougars going on right now there are TV shows and websites such as CougarLife.com that encourage women to be sexual.

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